Clean your PC of Windows 8

If you’re like us, you may be used to reinstalling Windows on a regular basis to keep it clean, fresh and snappy. You can now do this easily on your Windows 8 computer without having to root for your drivers or backup your personal files to external storage. The new OS comes with a “Refresh your PC” feature that basically wipes all your desktop apps while keeping your personal files and settings intact.

It’s as convenient as going into PC Settings > General and clicking on “Refresh your PC”. Just follow the instructions to get your system cleaned up

A more thorough option here is to “Reset your PC”, which is similar to the factory reset feature found on smartphones and tablets. If you choose this option (which is just below “Refresh your PC”, so don’t be too hasty with your clicks), the contents of the hard drive will be wiped completely and replaced with a clean install of Windows 8. You’ll get a fresh new system with just a few clicks, and you don’t even need an optical drive with the Windows 8 installation disc.