Create a VPN Server on Windows 8

Created VPN Server on Windows 8

P1: On the Modern UI interface of Windows 8, you press Windows + Q to open the search sidebar. Then, enter “ncpa.cpl”. The results appear, click the Network Connections click ncpa.cpl to activate. In addition, you can also open the Network Connections window from the Desktop interface.

Network Connections

P2: Press the Alt key will see a menu bar on the Network Connections window, click File, select New Incoming Connection.

New Incoming Connection

P3: Normally, Windows already have a user account, the user can use to make the remote VPN login account, but it is better, you should create a new account dedicated VPN. Very simple, just press Add someone, enter the account name (User name), full name (full name), password (Password) and confirm the password (Confirm password). You’re done, click OK. Alternately, you can create multiple accounts so.


P4: Check the last name of the account you want to use, in the list of user accounts on this computer, click Next.

User accounts

P5: Thus is completed the setup steps, you continue to click Next, Allow access, and then wait for the application to handle a number of tasks required. Complete, click Close.

Allow access

Create a VPN Client using Windows 7/8

With Windows 8

P1: The Modern UI interface, press the Windows + Q, type “virtual private” in the search box, choose Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connnection in the current results.

Windows 8 tips

P2: Create a VPN connection window appears, enter the IP address of the VPN Server on the Internet address box, put any name for the VPN connection in the Destination name box.

Destination name


Windows 8 tricks

P4: Declaring User name and Password of the user account selected while creating VPN Server, click OK.

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