Download Facebook for Windows 8.1 Free

Whether or not it’s enough to reassure users that migrating to Windows 8.1 is the next logical step in the Microsoft food chain remains to be seen.
Facebook for Windows 8.1

Its initial configuration set was slim when the app was unleashed to the world back in October 2013, as the focus of activity shifted to showcasing Facebook’s adaptation to the Modern UI. However, it has been updated in the meantime, in both feature and performance areas.┬áNeedless to say, Windows must be first updated to 8.1 in order to use it.

After logging in with the Facebook account, the app offers to run in the background and show quick status and notifications on the lock screen (option that can be later modified in PC settings).

With a nearly identical look and structure as its iPhone counterpart app, the first noticeable aspect is that Facebook’s interface has a very tidy layout and does not display advertisements, compared to the web browser edition.