Download free Pirate Kings Game for Windows 8/8.1/10

Download free Pirate Kings Game for Windows 8/8.1/10 online – Play hot game Pirate Kings from Jelly Button Games in PC and Laptop here.

Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings voice calling is the new feature and this app helps users to know how to enable this feature in their mobiles

Pirate Kings Preview


– Free to play!
– Immerse yourself and unlock our wide range of beautiful exotic islands on the seven seas.
– Amazing 3D real-time environment.
– Attack, defend and steal from your Facebook friends and millions of pirates worldwide.
– Select your own custom pirate avatars and flags.
– Never stop playing! Get free spins from us every hour!
– Daily bonus mini game.
– Play at your pace! Spin the wheel when you feel like it, there’s no time limit.
– Hundreds of unique items with multiple levels of upgrades.

Pirate Kings is 100% free to play, however you may find additional items which can be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
Having any problems? Any suggestions? We LOVE our players! You can reach us through the support button in the game!
Note: a network connection is required to play.

Jelly Button Games

#1 game in Singapore, Middle east and Scandinavia has arrived to your Mobile phone.
Attack your friends’ islands, steal their gold and build your own island empire in the best new casual strategy game on mobile and tablet devices!
Join millions of our savage pirates from all over the world who are already enjoying Pirate Kings for FREE!
Pirate Kings is an amazing, fun, free-to-play multiplayer game, where you spin an addictive, dynamic wheel to win piles of gold, raid the islands of your Facebook friends and loot all their money, all in order to… conquer, explore and build exotic, beautifully crafted islands!
Your mission: you are a mighty pirate in combat, your quest is to conquer the Seven Seas, build AMAZING islands and become the Ultimate Pirate King.
Don’t forget… in order to become the Pirate King you need to steal from your richest fellow pirates, attack their islands and upgrade your own – but beware! They can always take REVENGE!
Connect to Facebook, enjoy the mingle-play experience with your friends and start having fun!
Compete with your Facebook friends to become the Pirate King by attacking and stealing from them and millions of other players online!
Start your pirate quest and join millions on the latest islands! Play now!

What’s New

Pirate log, version 2.1.3
The big blue sea full of mysteries and gold!
Fixed a problem connecting to Facebook in rare situations
*If you still have problems connecting please disable any memory manager apps that might be running on your device
Please rate our game again after you update – Your feedback helps us constantly improve our game and make it better!
If you encounter specific problems please contact us at

– Download for Android: Here

– Download for IOS: Here

Pirate Kings Cheats, Guide & Hack for Spins & Cash

Pirate Kings is a casual strategy game developed by Jelly Button Games, and has been very popular overseas in the Middle East and Singapore. This free game revolves around you spinning a wheel where you can earn piles of gold or steal or attack gold from your friends or other players. There are many Islands in the game and hundreds of items you can unlock, so it’s a game you can play but go in a million different directions with. You can build and upgrade your ship as you get more gold, and you would want to do this to gain access and take over islands to become the Pirate King.


You can play Pirate Kings on your Android device or Apple device, either through Google Play or iTunes. If you are playing Pirate Kings on your Android device, you will need to make sure you have Android version 2.3 and up and this game is 49 MB in size. Pirate Kings is on version 2.0.5 on Android and has a medium maturity content rating. There are also a lot of in-app purchases you can make, which range from $.99 to $10. If you are playing this game on an Apple device, you will need to have iOS 5.0 or later and the download comes in at 65.7 MB. Pirate Kings is on version 2.0.5 on Apple as well and is rated 12 and up due to gambling simulation. You can play this on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

In-App Purchases

Pirate King is one of those games where you can wind up spending a lot of real money, which is not a good thing if you are letting your child play this game on your phone. You can purchase a small cash package for $.99, an out of spin packages for $1.99, and there are medium packages for $4.99. You can even purchase the large spin packages for $9.99, so there is a large variety in the items you can purchase, but even a few purchases will add up to a lot of real money.

Pirate Kings Hack for Spins & Cash – iOS & Android

Pirate Kings is another strategy game where resources are very important.  In order to buy all the items and ship upgrades, you need cash or gold.  You can get cash and gold by using your spins or you can spend real money on them.  The problem is that it takes time to get more spins and in-app purchases can add up quickly over time.

That’s why we’ve added the hack for Pirate Kings here at AppGameCheats.  Using this hack will allow you to add unlimited spins and cash to your Pirate Kings account.  This hack tool is available for Android and iOS devices and is free to download.  You can get the tool here at AGC.

Once you’ve downloaded the Pirate Kings hack, you’ll see an options menu like the one pictured here.  Just follow the instructions given to use the hack.

The Pirate Kings hack will automatically install onto your device after you download it.  First select the type of device you are using to play Pirate Kings, either iOS or Android.  Next type in the amount of cash and spins you want to add to your account.  When you’ve entered all of the information, tap the “Start” button to begin the hack.

It takes about 30 seconds for the Pirate Kings hack to finish working.  Once it’s done, open up your Pirate Kings app and you’ll see that the spins and cash have been added to your account.  Get ready to conquer all of the seas with your unlimited supply of cash and spins!

Pirate Kings Cheats & Tips

Connect to Facebook – One of the biggest tips to being successful at Pirate Kings is to connect to Facebook, because unlike some games, Pirate Kings wants you to basically play in multiplayer mode. If you don’t connect to Facebook or you don’t have over 20 friends, you will find yourself playing with the same people over and over, which can get boring quick. You want to be able to loot and steal from multiple people, plus it gives you a chance to take over Islands quicker if you have more ways you can get gold and upgrade your ship.

Always Spin The Wheel Hourly – When it comes to Pirate King, you also want to make sure you are maximizing your opportunities to earn gold, which means you need to spin the wheel the maximum amount of times each hour. There is also a daily bonus mini game available, so you want to play that everyday to make sure you are earning the maximum rewards possible. One of the main goals of this game is to earn as much gold as you can as quick as you can, which can help you upgrade your Ship. Your ship is your main item, so you want to have it upgraded to the highest you can, and this will help you during battles and raiding your friends. When you spin the wheel, there are also options to attack and steal, so you will have other ways to earn your gold besides the hourly spins. There are so many items within this game that you might lose track of what you should be focusing on or upgrading, but when it comes down to it, you need to focus your attention on making your ship as strong as you can.

Unlock All The Islands You Can – When you play Pirate Kings, you also want to start unlocking the Islands within the game, because this is the easiest way to become the King. There are a lot of Islands in this game, which all can help you earn more items and gold. Each Island has unique treasures and battles that you can participate in, so it’s more fun to sit there and just unlock everything possible. You might find that certain rare items are only on one Island within the entire game, so never focus your attention on just a few Islands. The more you go into battle, the more chances you have of earning gold and other valuables. You also have to remember that most of the items within the game have many different skills and values to them, which can help you later on take over the Island of your choice.

Pirate kings wallpaper and Backgrounds

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