Download TouchPal virtual keyboard smart for Windows 8

Download Free TouchPal virtual keyboard smart for Windows 8

TouchPal Windows 8

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The Best Contextual prediction and Sliding Input perfectly combines, makes TouchPal the FASTEST keyboard in the world!


1.TouchPal Curve® – the best sliding input experience.
2.Contextual prediction saves up to 80% keystrokes.
3.Mistyping correction on QWERTY.
4.Gesture shortcuts (slide up/down) for numbers/punctuations.

TouchPal allows typing a text without lifting your finger off the screen as well as split half to manipulate with your thumb as mobile phones. Virtual keyboard is quite famous on Android and iOS started officially for Windows 8. Users can download for free on Windows Store to replace the traditional keyboard.

TouchPal allows switching back and forth between typing mode pretty quickly. Especially the division into two halves to show more flexible manipulation with arbitrary size instead use fixed like traditional keyboard. This feature helps quite comfortable thumb typing on a mobile phone and fit into different sized hands.

In addition, the keyboard also comes with Swype help type a word by sliding your finger across the keyboard without lifting your finger on in any situation. Advantages helps users without hand fatigue when manipulating long-term typing.