Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 English for Windows 8

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Control Your Digital World by Voice-Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium speech recognition software ignites new levels of personal productivity and convenience by enabling you to interact with your PC by voice. Say words and they appear on your computer screen – three times faster than typing – with up to 99% accuracy. Dictate or modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations, manage email, search the Web, post to Facebook and Twitter, and more. Launch applications, select menu items, save files, and switch windows using simple voice commands or create your own custom commands to insert boilerplate text and/or graphics. Even dictate notes into a digital voice recorder or a compatible iOS device and Dragon will later transcribe the recorded files into text on your PC. Dragon 12 Premium is your key to less stress and more success at home, school, work, or wherever life takes you

Product Features

– Improved Accuracy: Dragon 12 delivers up to a 20% improvement in out-of-box accuracy compared to Dragon 11.
– If you use Dragon on a computer with multi-core processors and more than 4 GB of RAM, Dragon 12 automatically selects the BestMatch V speech model for you when you create your user profile in order to deliver faster performance
– Better performance: Dragon 12 boosts performance by delivering easier correction and editing options, and giving you more control over your command preferences, letting you get things done faster than ever before
– Smart Format Rules: Dragon now reaches out to you to adapt upon detecting your format corrections – abbreviations, numbers, and more – so your dictated text looks the way you want it to every time
– More Natural Text-to-Speech Voice: Dragon 12?s natural-sounding Text-To-Speech reads editable text-with fast-forward, rewind and speed and volume control-for easy proofing and multi-tasking

System Requirements

– Recommended: 2.2 GHz Intel dual core or equivalent AMD processor
– Minimum: 1 GHz Intel Pentium or equivalent AMD processor or 1.66 GHz Intel Atom processor

Processor Cache
– Recommended: 2 MB L2 cache
– Minimum: 512 KB L2 cache

Free Hard Disk Space
– 3.2 GB
– 4 GB for localized non-English versions

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