Enable Or Disable The SmartScreen Filter

What Is The SmartScreen Feature

The SmartScreen filter is a new feature in Windows 8 protecting your PC by blocking the applications with a weak repute, from executing. It works by checking the reputation of the particular application just before you run it and displays a warning message. It helps you protect against social engineering attacks. If you think you’d be safe or you have alternate security measures, you can disable it by following the steps below.

1. In the Metro Start Menu, click on the lower left corner. The Start menu pops up. Click on Search.

2. From the Apps list that appears, click on Control Panel.

3. In the Control Panel, click on More Settings. This will take you to Control Panel main window.

4. Click on Action Center.

5. In the left pane, click on Change SmartScreen settings.

6. Select Turn off Windows SmartScreen and click OK.