Encrypt a hard drive with a password

1. Open the real Windows 8 desktop by clicking on the user tile Deskto

2. Open an instance of the Windows 8 explorer by pressing Windows key + E

3. Select your hard drive that you want to encrypt. At the very top a purple tab will appear called Disk Tools

4. Select the option Turn on Bitlocker from the dropdown

5. You will be asked to enter a password, twice, do so. You are encouraged to use uppercase and lowercase letters and even special characters for a strong encryption or it will be easy to crack your password

6. During the last step you will be asked save your recovery key. You can save this key on your SkyDrive, to a file or even print a file. It’s safe to print that key and file it away.

IMPORTANT: You can’t save the key on an encrypted file or you will get the error

This Location can’t be used. Your recovery key can’t be saved to an encrypted drive. Choose a different location

7. Next, select what on your drive should be encrypted, either the entire drive or only used disk space

8. Eventually, you will be asked if you are ready. You can run a BitLocker system check to ensure that BitLocker can read the encryption keys properly. This is encouraged to avoid problems after encrypting any drives