Features of Windows 8 to Windows 7

Windows 7 will be Windows 8 valuable improvements such as copy and move files faster, interface Windows Explorer been Ribbon, as well as powerful task managerstrong.

1 -Improved copying and moving files

Improved copying

TeraCopy supports copy and move data quite well.

TeraCopy Download here

2 – Better Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer

Better Explorer and WinCDEmu, two utility helps Windows 7 like Windows 8.

If you want Windows Explorer of Windows 7 Ribbon interface and the Up button, the best choice is Better Explorer (download it here). This utility has many functions than the File Explorer of Windows 8, due to the ability to display multiple folders open in tabs (tabs) at the top of the window.

To use TeraCopy combination with the Better Explorer, you will need to go to the options of Better Explorer, check “Allow third-party file operation replacements” on the Shell. In addition, users can install applications WinCDEmu (download here) if you want to add features to Windows 8 ISO file reader.

3 -Add more powerful task manager

Process Explorer

Task Manager (Task Manager) Windows 8 is the most powerful version ever of Windows. Windows 7 users can add their operating system Microsoft’s Process Explorer utility (download here) to be able to manage the task by way of Windows 8.
If you feel like Process Explorer, users can convert this add default task manager by opening the Options menu and select Replace Task Manager.

To manage programs started with Windows, you can use CCleaner application (download here). After installing CCleaner, go to Tools and select the Startup tab. In addition, the tool Autoruns (download here) Microsoft is the most comprehensive way to view, manage the programs that automatically run at Windows startup.

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