Free scan and Cleaner for Windows 8 errors

Free scan and Cleaner for Windows 8 errors download

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Why does your Windows PC have so many errors?

– You no longer need to guess… this free registry scan will give you a complete diagnosis and deep scan of your Windows for Errors and Problems.

The problem you may have

– Have you noticed that your computer is much slower and crashes much more often? This is caused by registry problems that accumulates over time. Installing and uninstalling programs generate fragments – stray files, orphaned startup tasks, and corrupted drivers. Over time, the registry starts to get messed and conflicts begins to show up. If you leave these issues unsolved, your system will become increasingly unstable, and your computer will crash more frequently and run more slowly.

The way to solve the problems

Windows Cleaner is a powerful system optimizer that scans every part of your Windows system to detect and fix all issues causing your computer to run slowly, including registry. From a bloated registry and fragmented hard disk to deep rooted Malware infections, Windows Cleaner will take care of it all and much more with just a single click.

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