Getting Your Free Windows 8 Product Key

1. Microsoft provides a web downloader tool called Windows8-ConsumerPreview-setup.exe at their download site. At the time of this writing the Windows 8 download page was down, so you can also download it here

2. Run the tool, it will create a list of compatible apps that will work on Windows 8

3. After the report, which can take quite long you will either get a message that you need to clean your disk or you get a fresh new FREE product key that you can use to fully test Windows 8

4. Either write it down or mark the product key with your mouse and copy it into your clipboard using CTRL + C (paste via CTRL + V)

5. You can now download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO and follow our lengthy guide how to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

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