Help me: Enable Windows Firewall In Windows 8?

Enable Windows Firewall In Windows 8

Enable Windows Firewall In Windows 8 087

Step 1 – First Open the Search Box from Start Screen and on Search Box Type Control Panel , when the result displays Control Panel, Click on it

Step 2 – Now Go to the System And Security.

Step 3 – Click on Windows Firewall.

Step 4 – Now in the left pane under Windows Firewall Click on Turn Windows Firewall On Or Off.

Step 5 – Now Select the Turn On Windows Firewall under the Private Network Settings or under the Public Network settings.

If you log on to public hotspots, then you can select turn on Windows Firewall under both Private and Publick Network settings.

Step 6 – Now Click on Ok. That’s It!

Security Tip : You can also Select Block All Incoming Connections,including those in the list of allowed applications, from under the Private network settings for adding some extra security on your Computer