How to activate administrator account in Windows 8

If you want to activate the administrator account in Windows 8 to perform administrative actions, you will need to run a few commands via the command prompts. Here’s how

1. Open an elevated command prompt as admin in Windows 8

2. If the first step fails and you open a regular command prompt the next step is not going to work, so make sure you actually open an elevated CMD as described.

3. The command prompt should be opened at C:Windowssystem32

4. Enter net user administrator /active:yes  to activate the admin account

It should say “The command completed successfully” or you did a mistake (post error messages below)

5. You should now log off Windows 8 and on the Windows 8 logon screen you will see the activated administrator account that is normally hidden. This hidden admin account should only be used for maintenance purposes and not as your regular Windows 8 account, keep that in mind.