How to add a Bluetooth device in Windows 8

Steps to add a bluetooth device properly

1. Open the Charms bar by moving your mouse pointer over the right cornor of your screen. Alternatively you may press Windows key + C  to open Charms bar. Then select Search.

2. Next, type bluetooth in the search box and click on the search button. Next, click on the Settings below the search box. Then click on the Add Bluetooth device icon on the left side of the pane

3. Next, click on Add a device.

4. Next, on your bluetooth device (Phone), turn bluetooth ON and make it discoverable. Refer to the manual of your device (Phone, headset) to know how to make it discoverable. Next you will see your device on the list. Click on it.

5. Next, the driver for your Bluetooth device will be installed automatically. Finally, click on the Close button. That are the complete steps to add a bluetooth device in Windows 8