How to add more features to Windows 8

1. Move your cursor to the top right corner of your screen and click the Search magnifier. Now type in add features. You would be shown with a number of options on the right side. Click Add features to Windows 8

2. A wizard based application shall run. You can add new features to Windows 8 by entering the product key or buying it online. Click I want to buy a product key online.

3. At this time, you have to be patient because the wizard would search online for the available programs and features to be added to Windows 8. After a few moments, this is what you get:

4. Now once you are done with the choice, you need to enter the billing information on the next page Billing address

5. Once billing information is entered, you would need to Enter your payment information. Select any credit card option or pay through PayPal.

6. Once payment has been processed, Microsoft would provide you with the key to perform the specific upgrades in features.

7. In this window, you are now Ready to add new features. Check I accept the license terms and click Add features.

8. Be patient as the installation process would take some time.

9. The final screen would show up. Thanks, you’re all done and your PC is ready to go. Click Close and you are ready to go with the latest features installed in Windows 8.