How to Connect Your Facebook Account to the Windows 8

Step 1 – First Press Windows+C or swipe from the right side of the screen and select the Settings charm.

Step 2 – Inside Settings Click on Accounts.

Step 3 – Click on Add an account Under the Accounts.

Step 4 – Select Facebook

If you want to Add your Twitter Account to the Windows 8 Using People App, then Select Twitter under Add an account .

Step 5 – Click on Connect Under the The Stay In Touch With Your Facebook Friends .

Step 6 – Enter your Facebook Email Address and Password in the appropriate fields and Click on Log In.

Step 7 – Now Click on Done and wait a few seconds ( if your Internet Connection is slow, then you might have to wait for more than 1-2 minutes ) for the People app to sync with Facebook.

Step 8 – Now you can Close the People App.

After Connecting your Facebook Account to the People App, your Microsoft account is also connected to it, so your Outlook and Hotmail Contacts will be synchronized with Facebook, and the Messaging app and Windows Live Messenger will be integrated with your Facebook account .

Things You can do After connecting the People App to your Facebook Account in Windows 8 :

• Chatting with Facebook Friends

• Send Message

• Share Photos with Friends

• View Photos

• Add Comments on Facebook Friends Photos and Posts

• Get Facebook Notifications & More.

Note – You must be Connected to the Internet for Connecting Your Facebook Account to the People App in Windows 8 .