How to find MAC address in Windows 8

If you want to forward some ports in Windows 8 you first need to know how to find your MAC address in Windows 8. Here’s how to do that. If you also need the MAC addresses of your network and ethernet devices, we have more useful cmd commands below.

Find MAC Address Using Metro App

1. To start the command prompt, we suggest that you open the Metro desktop by click on the Windows Start button. Then scroll to the right and look for a terminal icon (black terminal):

2. Once you have opened the command prompt in Windows 8

3. Next we we are going to use some command line commands to retrieve your MAC address.

4. Enter: ipconfig -all

5. You want to know the MAC addresses of your network devices? Easy to do with another command. Enter arp -a

Find MAC Address Using Traditional Start Menu

1. Click on Start and enter cmd.exe into the search bar and hit Enter

2. We are going to use some the same commands to find the MAC address that we used above:

ipconfig -all
arp -a