How to install Windows 8 from USB Flash Disk

How to install Windows 8 from USB Flash Disk

You need:

1.A USB flash drives (4GB or larger)
2.Windows 8 ISO image file (Download windows 8),
3.Microsoft’s Windows7 USB DVD tool (Download here)


Install Windows 8

How to install Windows 8 from dvd with simple steps


– Install Microsoft’s Windows7 USB DVD tool and run it. In the dialog box as below, Click “Browse” button and choose the Windows 8 ISO image file you’ve already downloaded then hit “Next”.

– When you see the dialog box as below, choose “USB device” button to continue.

– Select the USB flash drives you want to use from the drop-down menu, and click “Begin copying” button.

– Sit down and wait for Windows7 USB DVD tool formats the USB drive, and copy the Windows 8 file to the USB drive. When it finish, you can boot your PC from the USB Drive and start install Windows 8.

To install Windows 8 from a USB drive is easy as from DVD. Read the post about  How to install Windows 8 Without DVD to finish install Windows 8.

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