How to recover your Windows 8 Password!

Lost Your Password? How to recover your Windows 8 Password!

1. Go to hotmail.com and log in with your credentials. Click on your name once logged in and in the drop down menu, choose Options.

2. In Account Security, click Change to change your Windows Live ID password.

3. Change the password and use the new one to sign in to Windows 8.

Another method – Create a windows 8 password recovery disk in advance

This method comes in real handy if you have lost your password. However, it is important that you have enabled the Administrator account as well as made an emergency Windows 8 password recovery disk in advance, before losing the password.

1. Whenever you type in the wrong password, you are shown with a Reset password option at the bottom.

2. Once you click it, you would be taken to the next stage to enter your new password. Once done with the password and hint, you can be done. This is your new windows 8 password.