How to Set Up Updates In Windows 8?

1 – First open the Control Panel by typing Control Panel on the Search Charm from Start Screen.

 2 – Go to System and Security.

3 – Click on Turn Automatic Updating On Or Off.

4 – Now under Important Updates select Install Updates Automatically (recommended) .

5 – Now Click on Ok .

If you have turned OFF Download Windows Updates automatically in your system, or if you don’t want to wait for the next Windows automatic update, then you can install windows update manually in windows 8.

Just Follow below given simple steps for checking or Installing Windows update Manually:

1 – First Press Windows logo key+I.

2 – Click On Change PC Settings.

3 – Now First Click on the Windows Update under PC Settings and then Click on Check For Updates Now.

4 – Now it will start checking for updates and if updates are available, then just Click on Install for Installing Windows Updates Manually.