Quick Access To Windows 8 System Properties Via Executables

In Windows 8 you don’t have to enable the old Windows 7 start menu to quickly access many of the system properties, you can create shortcuts to many of the executables.

Quickly Launch via Run Console, CMD or Shortcuts

1. Hit Windows key + R to open the run console and enter the .exe filenames below or ..

2. Open a command prompt to run the commands below

  • Performance: SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe
  • Remote access: SystemPropertiesRemote.exe
  • Computer name: SystemPropertiesComputerName.exe
  • System protection: SystemPropertiesProtection.exe
  • Advanced system properties: SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe

You can simply create shortcuts to all of the .exe files that are stored in system32.

Create Shortcuts To System Settings

Windows 8 Create Shortcut

1. Right-click on the Windows 8 desktop, click on on New – Shortcut
2. Enter %windir%\system32\System to get a list with other System related .executable files

Other useful executables like systemcpl.cll, systeminfo.exe can also be added.