Scam from windows 8 and questions?

Message: We got a phone call last night stating they were calling from Windows 8 saying somebody had hacked our computer with windows 8 and they tried to transfer money from our credit card thur western union. I would really like for someone to call med back after 6pm tonight. Thanks Melissa xxx-398-23xx

Date/Time:    January 22, 2013 4:57 pm

Reply: We ( absolutely do not provide or call for anyone. We only provide the information, tips, tricks, tutorials, themes, wallpaper , product key for windows 8  you should not listen to any act of strangers to safety. Thanks!

windows8 pro

Message: I purchased win 8 pro update for my win 7 and never received a product key

Reply: You contact the place of purchase to be provided Windows 8 serial key hoặc use discount code to buy windows 8 here: windows 8 promo code . In addition you should consult the installation and use of Windows 8 here:

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