Switch to / Sign in Microsoft Account to access all Windows 8 features

1. Let’s open the regular Control Panel, to do that open the Desktop and hover with the mouse over the bottom-left corner until a small preview windows of the Metro Start Screen appears

2. Click on Control Panel

3. Open User Accounts And Family Safety

4. Click on User Accounts and the top (green link)

5. Click on Make changes to my account in PC settings

6. You’ll end up on the Metro Control Panel, now click on Switch To A Microsoft Account

7. Verify your password of your user account (NOT YOUR HOTMAIL ACCOUNT)

8. Enter your hotmail e-Mail address:

9. Enter the password for your hotmail account

10. You will be asked to enter some security verification info

11. Finally, after confirming the information you will be signed into the Microsoft account and you can now access all features of Windows 8

12. Important, now reboot. How to restart Windows 8

13. The next time you log into Windows 8 you cannot enter your PC user account password. Instead enter your Microsoft account password (hotmail password)