Thanksgiving 2013 Theme with Personas Interactive

Thanksgiving 2013 Theme with Personas Interactive for Windows 8

Thanksgiving 2013 Theme

A festive theme for the Thanksgiving Season!
Not only is this a great design, but you’ll also get access to great deals for shopping!
It’s FREE so try it now!

We hate to see you go but if you want to uninstall, there are two components to this interactive browser theme – the theme itself, and the Personas Interacive extension. To remove the theme, Go to Tools – > Add-ons -> Themes and select Uninstall. If you also decide you don’t want to free your browser from the limits imposed by Personas, you can uninstall the extension by Going to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions and select Uninstall on Personas Interactive.

Install Here: Thanksgiving 2013 Theme