Upload and Download Files from SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a Cloud-based storage service by Microsoft which lets you to share Documents, Photos, Music, Videos and other type of files.You Can Access your files from anywhere through Windows 8 Devices, Windows Phones and Internet Explorer 10 using your Microsoft Account. In Windows 8 you can Upload and Download files to SkyDrive by using SkyDrive App.

Uploading a File to SkyDrive using SkyDrive App :

Well uploading files to SkyDrive using SkyDrive App is very easy in Windows 8.

1 – First Open the SkyDrive by clicking on its icon or by typing SkyDrive in Search Charm from the start screen.

2- Login to SkyDrive using your Microsoft Account.

3 – Now Right-click on empty space in the SkyDrive app to open contextual menu.

4 – Click on Upload button.

5- Now Select the file which you want to upload and Click on Add to SkyDrive.

6 – Now Upload process will begin and your file will be uploaded within a few minutes (Depends on your File Size).

7 – That’s It!

On SkyDrive you can upload files saved as :

• Text files

• Pdf files

• Microsoft Office files

• Music as MP3 or WAV

• Videos as AVI or WMV

• Images as JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF, and TIFF file types.

Downloading Files from SkyDrive using SkyDrive App :

Downloading a File from SkyDrive in widows 8 is also simple as uploading file.

1 – First Select and Right-Click on the file you want to Download and Click on Download Button.

2 – Now browse to where you want to save the file by clicking on Choose this Folder.

3 – After Selecting the place for Downloading a File click on Ok Button.

4 – That’s It! Now File will be downloaded and saved on the selected place by you on your Computer