Using The Disk Quota Feature in Windows 8 To Limit Disk Usage By Single User

1. Open the Windows Explorer by hitting the Windows key + E

2. Right-click on a drive and click on Properties

3. Go to the tab Quota – this one exists in Windows 7 and 8

4. Confirm the UAC prompt

5. Most likely it will say Disk quotas are disabled, check the option Enable quota management

6. Now select the radio box Limit disk space to and then select GB from the dropdown field

1000GB = 1TB (TeraByte)
1000MB = 1GB (GigaByte)

Let’s say you have a hard drive that is 900GB large and you have 2 users and only want each of them to use 450GB, you can enter something similar to the values above. Simply do some calculations how much disk space each user will need and you should be set, this is not too complicated even if you’re not familiar with MB.

This works almost identically in Windows 7 and 8 – so limiting disk space usage by a single user should really be no issue any more.