Windows 8 Free Games Download 2013

Windows 8 Free list Games Download 2013 update!

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1 – Sudden Strike: Iwo Jima

As dawn broke on February 19, 1945, US Marines began the largest, most important island campaign of the Pacific Theater.

Download free full version pc game today, join these great men in their battle and lead them to the victory!

Free Game Features:

– Award-winning strategy game;

– Modern 3D graphics;

– Extraordinarily addictive game play;

– Unique power-ups;

– Gorgeous effects, huge explosions!

– Original soundtrack and powerful sound effects;

– Save / Load game option;

– Game statistics;

– Free full version game without any limitations.


2 – Return of the Hero

Despite all the human efforts to resist monster invasion, the blood-thirsty creatures keep occupying new territories. Theseus, the hero of this game, arrived in a small European town and got into the very middle of such a battle.

In the Theseus – Return of the Hero Action game you will find:

– 10 missions, mostly taking place in open spaces;

– lots of playing locations: forest, village, highway, city battles;

– 6 types of weapons;

– ability to upgrade the main character;

– inventory shop where you can buy newest equipment between missions.


3 – Deadly Race

In the beginning of 21th century global energy crisis wakened World War III. A lot of cities were destroyed and people abandoned them searching for better life. Now these abandoned cities are used as race tracks for a new kind of popular entertainment – Apocalypse Motor Racing. Daredevils from different corners of the world drive to victory through wrecked cars of their competitors in this deadly racing.

Download free full version game today and try to win Apocalypse Motor Racing or try to survive!


4 – Sudden Strike: Normandy

Tanks roll. Soldiers march. Battleships bristle. Planes thunder high above a battlefield where untold legions lie wounded or dying.

World War II has arrived, and only you can turn the tide in Sudden Strike: Normandy, the latest in the multimillion-selling line of award-winning Real-Time strategy games, which brings history’s most storied conflicts to life right on your desktop.

Download this free full version game and start your battle now!