Windows 8: How to bring out the admin tools

How to bring out the admin tools

On the Windows 8 Metro Start screen, bring up the Charms bar from the right-hand side of the screen and click ‘Settings’. Now select the Tiles menu and slide the bar that says ‘Show administrative tools’ to the right. Now just tap anywhere on the main screen to remove the Charms bar, and the administrative tools will be displayed.

When these tools appear, they may be mixed in with other shortcuts, but we’ll show you how to tidy them up. You can group icons together on the Start screen with a few clicks.

First minimise the icons by hovering the mouse over the bottom right corner and clicking the minus symbol. You can now see the individual groups by right-clicking on them.

When you right-click, a bar will appear at the base of the screen giving you the option to ‘Name group’. Once you’ve entered a name, you can zoom back into the Start screen and move individual icons between groups.

Return to the minimised view and you can move entire groups around by dragging and dropping them into your preferred place.