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Q: Hi, My brother has bought me a PC in UK when he was there for Christmas and there was installed Windows 8 but for only a limited time so now I am having problems with it because now I can not use all features . It is impossible for me to contact the dealer again because I live in Albania. Could you help me please

Name:    Kadri

Sent: January 23, 2013 9:54 pm

Windows 8 serial key QA

A: hello! We would like to respond as follows:

Maybe you try the Windows 8 operating system so only a limited time (30 days). To continue to use you should buy the copyright,  license key for windows 8 to full rights to use and safe. We recommend that you buy where reputation and trust (Microsoft store, Amazon, clickbank…). To buy the cheapest you can refer here: Windows 8 promo code

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