Windows 8 tips: Enable bluetooth

Enable bluetooth on Windows 8

Bluetooth is a short range wireless technology that enables you to quickly transfer data between 2 devices. Windows 8 is a modern OS with full support for Bluetooth just like its previous versions released by Microsoft. To enable Bluetooth on your Windows 8 system, follow these instructions. Before you start though, make sure your device has Bluetooth capability

1. Logon using windows 8 admin account

2. Use your administrator account and login into Windows 8. Click Control Panel on the Desktop by clicking on Computer icon.

3. Type Bluetooth in the search bar and click on Change Bluetooth Settings.

4. A new window would pop-up to allow you to make changes as appropriate. Check all 3 boxes and click on OK.

5. If you want to send a file using Bluetooth File transfer option, you can right click on any file/folder to send, go to Send To and select Bluetooth Device. Onscreen instructions would guide you to the rest of the file sending process.