Windows 8 tips: Gain context and snap windows

Gain context and snap windows

The top of a new Windows 8 app is an important part of the app interface. Once inside the app, placing the mouse cursor on the top of the screen will turn the cursor into a hand. Once that’s happened, you can right-click to open up a context menu that will provide a few useful options. It’s usually not much, but the specifics depend on the app.

Doing this also lets you use the new snap features in the Windows 8 interface. To activate this, left-click and drag downwards, and the window will shrink. Now, drag the window to the right or left and watch it automatically snap to that portion of the screen. You can use this to watch information in one Windows 8 app while primarily using another. This will continue to function in the desktop if you go to it after snapping a Windows 8 app to the left or right side of the screen