Windows 8 tips: Manipulate the Start screen

Manipulate the Start screen

Windows populates the new user interface with tiles automatically, but, since every user is different, it may not pick the best apps for you. However, it is possible to un-pin and re-size tiles just by right-clicking on them. Want to modify multiple tiles? Simply right-click on them in succession to do so. Tiles can also be moved using the good ol’ drag-and-drop technique.

You’ll also notice that the tiles are placed in groups. To modify them, click on the minimize button in the lower right-hand corner (it’s very small, next to the scroll bar), and then right-click groups to add names or delete them.

What about pinning all-new apps or functons? For that, go to the Apps search page and find what you want to add to the Start menu. Right-click and then click Pin to Start. This only works for apps — not settings or files.