Windows 8 Transferring files

Moving data around your hard drive or between PCs is one of the most common computing tasks, and while it’s not particularly exciting, Microsoft has updated Windows 8 to make it faster and easier.

The most obvious change is the new interface that pops up when you start moving files and folders. Initially it looks like the standard bar filling up, but if you click for more details it reveals much more information

You’ll see a dynamic chart detailing how fast the transfer is going, and a history of its performance. You can pause and resume file transfers too – something not possible in Windows 7. Transfers will also pause if the device goes into sleep mode, enabling you to continue on restart.

Hidden enhancements mean that file copy interrupts are now saved until everything else has been completed. If there is a possibility of copying over an existing file, for example, it will be held over until the end, and wont hold up the queue waiting for the user to click ‘Continue’.