Windows tutorials: Install and Uninstall a Program

Windows tutorials: Install and Uninstall a Program

Taking a quick look at How to Uninstall a Program from your Windows 8 computer.

– Right-click in the screen’s bottom-left corner and choose the Control Panel from the pop-up menu.

– When the Control Panel appears, choose Uninstall a Program from the Programs category.

– Click the unloved program and then click its Uninstall, Change, or Repair button.

– When Windows asks whether you’re sure, click Yes.

Install and Uninstall

How to install new programs

– You need an Administrator account to install programs. (Most computer owners automatically have an Administrator account.) That keeps the kids, with their Limited or Guest accounts, from installing programs and messing up the computer.

– Downloaded a program? Windows 8 usually saves them in your Downloads folder, accessible by clicking your username on the Start screen. Double-click the downloaded program’s name to install it.

– Many eager, newly installed programs want to add a desktop shortcut, a Start screen tile, and a Quick Launch toolbar shortcut. Say “yes” to all. That way you can start the program from the desktop, avoiding a trip to the Start screen. (Changed your mind? Right-click any unwanted shortcuts and choose either Delete or Unpin to remove them.)

– It’s always a good idea to create a restore point before installing a new program. If your newly installed program goes haywire, use System Restore to return your computer to the peaceful state of mind it enjoyed before you installed the troublemaker.