Windows8: Get your Windows Media Center add-on for free

Get your Windows Media Center add-on for free

With Windows 8, Microsoft has opted not to bundle Windows Media Center with the operating system. Although this software is mainly used by those who connect their PCs to the TV, it also comes with codecs needed for DVD playback. In other words, Windows 8 won’t play any DVDs out of the box, though PC vendors may bundle their own software to compensate.

Of course, you can easily remedy this by downloading third-party programs that do support DVD playback, such as the free VLC Media Player

The other option is to get Windows Media Center, which also allows users to watch and record TV using the computer. This add-on costs US$9.99, but for a limited time (till the end of next January), Microsoft is offering it for free. All you need to do is to give Microsoft an email address here, and the company promises to send you a product key within 24 hours.

Once you get your product key, you can search for “add features” in Windows 8 and tapĀ “Add features to Windows 8”. Enter the key and after accepting the license terms and adding the feature, your computer will restart automatically with Windows Media Center enabled.