Wipe Windows 8 Out And Install Windows 7 Instead

OK. Last thing. If you REALLY don’t want Windows 8, you can get out of it. Simply install Windows 7 on a partition, as detailed above, boot it up, and erase your Windows 8 partition. But know that you’re not getting making a full escape; you’re just buying yourself some time before the future fully takes hold.

Know Which Version of an Application You Want to Install

With Windows 8, a lot of apps are going to have two versions for you to choose from, or, often, that you can run at the same time. It can be confusing, and leads to useful stories with insane headlines like “Understand The Differences Between The SkyDrive App And The SkyDrive Application.” That’s more punchline than headline, but the point is a good one: As you use more and more apps that have been updated for Windows 8, you’re going to have to decide whether you want the Modern version or the desktop version